i love this doc, EVERYONE should watch it. the best representation of true friendship and soul mates who can do nothing more but make each other better people. and LOVE.

I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes- then everything that happens from then on just proves that you had been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize you’d been incomplete and now you are whole.

Luce on Real Love - Imagine You & Me (via an-echo)


its been 3 years since i finished college. since being in the environment of learning and most of all thinking art to death. i guess it takes 3 years for me to be objective about my work. now, some of it really sucks and some very few are not so bad. the not so bad art- surprise surprise! they all connect. the major theme - nakedness. i dont mean nudity but nakedness. bare.

physical and not physical nakedness. most of all personal nakedness, soulful, spiritual… and all that comes with that, with baring it all. being brutally honest, bare boned, not hiding, shame and shameless all at once, comfort and discomfort with yourself, secrets and disguise. the struggle, mine- is in exploring my nakedness. pushing yourself to bare it all, always, because life is too short for anything else… and exploring that in the things i have the need to make. now i see how everything i made, even the bad art, was an attempt to bare it all. even this, tumblr - and sharing, bloggin, bares it all.

and its necessary to bare it all as an artist. bare with pride and the practice of making in your own nakedness… takes you to a creative plane of ‘nevermind’ - where you can ignore your own prestigious and the worlds and just make. ignore the shame, the rationality, the reason, the excuses, your ego and pride- just bare. like looking at your nakedness in a mirror. make from what you find in that reflection. only then can you know yourself.


really lee? REALLY?

the thing i love about this pic is how inappropriate mr. pace is being, i mean DOES ANYONE SEE WHAT I SEE!? his tan line and the entrance to the jungle. shit. his been on twitter for less than a week and he already has inappropriate images out on the web. really lee? REALLY?

ha. so funny.

nothing lasts.

i have realized that i’m very good, exceptional when there’s hope. just a dash of it. and i can make it. but i crumble in the realization that the battle is over, the good fight’s done and the innocent have lost. it makes me never want to throw my fist again. never care. never. and regret which i’d never done. i’m angry with life, nature, god and myself. most of all i want to relive yesterday with today’s awareness. at least then she would’ve died in my arms. all i have now is the comfort from the thunder, knowing that nature cries with me, for her, and for him. now he whispers his song, lonely.

to henry & uri

rewatching season 3 of homeland with my sister, who just called peter quinn the angel of death. awesome.

rewatching season 3 of homeland with my sister, who just called peter quinn the angel of death. awesome.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened/No llores porque ya se terminó… sonríe, porque sucedió.

Dr. Seuss (via an-echo)


so all this time i’ve been half impressed and half angry at this sexy twisted fucker… then he’s a total sweetheart tonight and breaks my heart.

nice joe macmillan… and now gordon is the one who needs help. and i gotta say it; i can’t stand cameron. she has no self respect, not really that sexy and i am offended by her typing with two fingers!

landfall - haltamc

Half of them think it’s never going to work out. The other half believe in magic.

Beginners - Anna to Oliver (via an-echo)

reblogging my own post, because i don’t want to forget. believe in MAGIC!


i woke up with a bang today. my body began to shake uncontrollably for too long. some of my neighbors couldn’t help wait until the sunset to blow up some fireworks. its been non-stop all day. still going. and i’ve been thinking, these constant sounds, these explosions - the people around the world that live with these, all the time. but they don’t ever feel like standing at their balcony to see the burst of light that escapes these rockets… they don’t cheer, don’t gather for a view, they fear.

gotta thank many lives for our independence. since 1776. the lives who fight, who live through it, the dead. still happening, never ending. makes the barbequing a little less joyful. but i don’t eat meat anyways.

we could live. for a thousand years. and if i hurt you… i make wine from your tears!

INXS - Never Tear Us Apart